A Special Mother's Day In 2012

Mother's Day is observed throughout the world, however, it is an annual holiday in the United States of America. It is celebrated every year in the month of May. This special day is meant to recognize mothers, motherhood and their contributions to our society. It is celebrated with great joy and loving devotion to express our gratitude for the hardships mothers underwent in bringing up a child. Children thank their moms and shower them with beautiful gifts and innocent love.

Earlier, the Mother's Day in US was just considered an occasion of meeting of groups of mothers whose sons had fought and died in the American Civil War. However, with the efforts by Ms. Julia Ward Howe and Ms. Anna Jarvis, Mother's Day came into existence on May 8, 1914 as a special day to honor all the mothers. Ever since, it has been regularly celebrated by people all over the world.

The one person who is always with us showering her love and blessings on us is our dear mother. This special day is celebrated to recognize her efforts in bringing up children and contributing in many ways to their lives. Though expressing our thankfulness and love towards mother is not restricted to any special date or occasion, still we celebrate it in the month of May due to historical reasons.

Mother's Day in the US is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. In 2012, it falls on 8th of May. It is regarded a national day in the US. People hoist the national flag on their houses and on all the important buildings. Children pamper their mothers various creative ways. It is a very special day as each child expresses his love, affection and respect towards mother.

You can also make your mom feel special on the forthcoming Mother's Day in 2012. Though a mother hardly needs anything from her children still you can pamper her by sending mother’s day gifts like a card with a handwritten note, or a beautiful boupquet of flowers. You can even gift her something that she has been longing for, such as a set of cookbooks or some movies.

You can also spend your day with her and take her out for lunch or shopping. Singing a hymn for her and spending cheerful moments with her is another perfect way to celebrate this day. You can also consider reading out a poem specially written for her while she enjoys favorite delicacies cooked by you.

Go out and enjoy this Mother's Day with your mom and make her feel special!